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Always ahead of the game, retailers are already thinking about how they're going to cash in on Christmas. Hamley's Top Ten 'must-have' Christmas toys are high tech this year but can parents really afford the hefty price tags. Melanie Ralph reports.

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Meet Cayla...the toy that's topping Hamley's top ten Christmas list this year. She's a doll with a twist. Not only can you brush her long blonde hair, but she can also help with your homework. Cayla comes with an app that can search the internet, and SAY the answer. This year toy manufacturers are upping the ante when it comes to technology. Hamley's Category manager Natalie Rogerson: (SOUNDBITE) (English): NATALIE ROGERSON, CATEGORY MANAGER, HAMLEYS SAYING: I think this year "More than ever its innovative, its exciting. There really has been investment from the manufacturers and i think that's a reflection of where perhaps a few years we were struggling through recession and we were a bit scared perhaps of going too far in developing things that are a little bit risky, and actually it's taken a little bit of time to catch up." And catching up they are. With their target audience using technology from a much younger age, parents are looking for a bigger bang for their buck. PTC It may be months away from Christmas and at the beginning of summer but toy shops like this are already working hard behind the scenes planning for the event. And with toy producers going tech savvy this year, you might want to start thinking about Christmas start saving. This artificial intelligence car racing track will set you back over a hundred and fifty pounds. But maybe that's a price worth paying to stop the arguments in your house. Richard North is CEO of WOW Stuff which developed the Real FX Racing toy (SOUNDBITE) (English): RICHARD NORTH, CEO, WOW! STUFF SAYING: "If I come off at any point I can just hit the radio control button and I can drive it straight back on the track, because its artificial intelligence, all the time the computer system is working out how long I've been off the track and who's still in the lead, so you always know who's winning.'' Disney is sure to cash in this Christmas...this Frozen Snow Glow Elsa lights up, sings and talks. She's one of the cheaper items on the list coming in at 30 pounds. Two Infinityrecords are held by marvel's green giant: One because of his Rage Way attack, because he is now the largest personalityon the roster, which can be the additional for his physical size, and the most effective More Info in the sport. It is tough to see the latterin the truck or from I mentioned Sully as a comparison, since read this it was the largest Disney Infinity plaything I can thinkof during the time -- but Blackburn verified it. "We undoubtedly have an over-arching sizethat we undergo," Blackburn stated. But we do play level a tiny because obviously Hype light-yearis assumed to be a small [in the Toy Story Movies] compared to Sully, who's seven feet High. We had to unify that material."Personally, I'd like to see a Galactus number.If Disney wants to top the Hulk, why not move completely with Marvel's cosmicearth-eater?But demand is expected to be high...Hamleys assure they'll be fully stocked this Christmas. So it's going to be a tech filled Christmas this year, but sometimes it's the simple things in life that bring the most enjoyment.




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